All Grooming Services Include:         

  • A massaging "hydro-surge" bath using all natural, top of the line shampoos that accommodate any skin or coat type, including: hypo-allergenic, oatmeal, medicated, whitening, flea and tick, deodorizing or even your vet's Rx shampoo.
  • Deep Moisturizing Conditioning  Treatment, unlike most groom shops who charge extra, we include this wonderful service in our basic package, it is also ideal to help seasonal dry skin and reduce shedding!
  • Nail Clipping AND Grinding
  • Ear Cleaning/Plucking
  • Sanitary/Hygiene Clip
  • Hand fluff/Blow Dry
  • Breed Specific Styling or Clip of your choice
  • Tooth-brushing/Enzymatic Cleaning

My big boy, Remington!

Add-On Services: (Additional Charge)

  • Flea and Tick Monthly Application 15
  • De-Skunking 12
  • "Clean Feet" (Poodles) Toy 5 Standard 7
  • Hand-Scissoring (Time Dependent)
  • De-Matting (Time Dependent)
  • Lo-Shed/Furminator Treatment Sm 10 Med 20 Lrg 30
  • Plum Silky Treatment 5
  • Colloidal Oatmeal Treatment 5
  • Anal Glands Expelled 5

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***All prices given are estimates. Final cost of services depends on total time required to groom pet, pet's temperament, and conditions that require additional effort by groomer. Double coated breeds often require extra groom time and additional cost.***

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