Mobile Pet Grooming Q & A:

* Do I have to be home when my pet is groomed?

After your first appointment, you don't even have to be home for us to come groom your dog. We will also come to your office.

* How does mobile grooming work?

Mobile grooming is just like an in-house salon grooming, except the salon comes to you at your home or office. We have all the amenities you’d expect to find in an in-house salon: bathtub with clean, hot and cold running water, dryers, clippers, grooming table, etc.

* I live in an apartment/ condo community can you still groom my pet?

YES! we are fully self contained, and do NOT need to hook up to your utilities.

*How much does it cost?

We provide an estimate based on dog breed, size, and described condition of dog. However, price may vary based on actual coat condition, temperament, and haircut. You can expect $10-$15 more than the average in house grooming salons in your area.

* Why does my dog's haircut cost more than mine?

  • Your hairdresser doesn’t give you a manicure, pedicure, and clean out your ears.
  • Your hairdresser only clips your head.
  • Your hairdresser doesn’t have to de-mat your hair.
  • You don’t try to bite your hairdresser.
  • You don’t wiggle, jump, and shake while being worked on with sharp scissors.
  • Your hairdresser doesn't express anal glands

* How long does it take?

Mobile grooming provides one on one attention allowing timely grooming. Most grooming services are completed within 1-2 hours depending on the dog’s breed, size, coat, and temperament.

* Do you groom large dogs?

No, unfortunately we do not.

*Do you groom cats?

YES! Basic baths or total shave-downs!

*Can I see inside your mobile grooming van?

Absolutely, just remember, once the grooming process begins, it is very important not to disturb the grooming process once it has commenced. (knocking, peeking in windows, etc..)

*Do you use clean, warm water?

Yes, we carry two 50 gallon tanks providing enough clean, warm water for a full days work.

*How often are vans cleaned?

All tools and surfaces are disinfected after each grooming.

*Do you use sedatives?

No, we use experience, patience, and positive re-reinforcement to calm your dog; however, if your pet is too aggressive to be safely groomed, we will recommend you taking your pet to a vet to be groomed.

* What are your appointment times?

We can be flexible to suit your schedule but typically you will be offered a scheduled a 2 hour window of time Tuesday-Friday between the hours of 8am and 5pm. 

* How far in advance do I need to reserve an appointment?

Usually 2 weeks prior is sufficient however, in the summer and near holidays you may want to reserve your appointment much sooner.

* What type of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks and Venmo.

Inside The Mobile Unit:           

*The table and tub from the front toward the back.

*The table and cab door from the rear toward the front.

*The stainless steel bathtub with an adjustable floor to aid in washing smaller pets.


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